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A treasure trove of stuffs. I see what you did thar~

Hey I'm Emma, 21, livin in Aurora, CO.

There'll be a whole bunch of multi-fandom, shounen/seinen a bit more so then shoujo/josei things on here, some interesting pics found throughout the internets, and cutesy or furry shit.

Thanks guys for taking the time to check out my bloge and followers for sticking with me!

I did not make any of the artwork or take any of the pics I post on here unless stated otherwise

Think my kitties Enoch and Lucky were pretending to play Attack on Titan red light, green light, the one on the right being a titan and the one on the left being Eren

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They had to make creampuffs on MasterChef then structure them into a pyramid with caramel, where is Mamori when this stuff is happening??

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Dragon Snake (Xenodermus javanicus) is found throughout a few coutries of southeast Asia and is the only snake of its genus. It’s diet consists mostly of frogs, though it was discovered in 1836 little more is know about this species.

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so I was watching Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei and


wait, is that…


must be a coincidence







I guess it’s just as infamous in Japan as it is in America

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